Plainview Facts and Figures

Need numbers on Plainview, Texas? We've got them. Here you will find all the statistical data you need about our wonderful city and region.

  • Location

    Latitude: 34' 12 min. North Longitude - 101' 43 min. West
    Size: Plainview 12.5 sq. miles Hale County 979. sq. miles
    Average Elevation: 3,300'

    Nearby Metropolitan Cities:

    Lubbock - 45 miles South
    Amarillo - 75 miles North

    Population (2010 Census)


    Hale County.........36,273



    Average Annual Temperature: 68'
    Monthly Average: January - 53', July - 91'

    Annual Average Rainfall (inches).........14"
    Annual Average Snowfall (inches).........5-10"
    Days Between Killing Frost ............205
    Days Over 90 Degrees................76
    Heating Degree Days Total.........3,400
    Cooling Degree Days Total........1,700

    Relative Humidity Percent by Hour: (Average)
    0 62% 
    0600 74% 
    1200 46% 
    1800 41%


    Churches - Protestant...47 Catholic...3 Other...1
    Number Motels/Hotels.........11 with 529 rooms
    Plainview Country Club (18 Hole).........1
    Civic Clubs.....10
    Llano Estacado Museum/Jimmy Dean Museum
    Hale County Farm and Ranch Museum

  • Libraries....2
    Number of Parks....12

    Cultural Arts

    Civic Theatre
    Abraham Art Gallery
    Plainview Symphonic Orchestra
    Fair Theater
    Community Concerts
    Llano Estacado Museum/Jimmy Dean Museum

    Nearby Lakes

    Lake McKenzie
    White River Lake
    Buffalo Springs Lake
    Lake Theo

    Area Recreation

    Palo Duro State Park - 65 miles
    Caprock Canyon State Park - 50 miles

    Boating, fishing

    Hunting - Pheasant, Quail, Dove


    Pre K-5 6 schools-314 staff-2898 enrollment

    6-8 (grades) 2 schools -140 staff- 1171 enrollment

    9-12 (grades) 1 school- 142 staff- 1450 enrollment

    Alternative school 1- 22 staff- 76 enrollment

    Private School - PreK-12-1 school-28 staff-188 enrollment

    County-Student-Teacher Ratio   20:1           

    Local University:
    Wayland Baptist University
    Enrollment - 1300

    Satellite Campus:
    South Plains College
    Total Enrollment -307

    Colleges Within Commuting Distance:
    Texas Tech University
    Amarillo College
    West Texas A & M University
    Lubbock Christian University
    South Plains College


    Average cost per sq. ft 
    Existing $50-$90

    New Home $90-$115

    Typical Lot Size: 70 x 130 sq. ft.

    Typical Lot Cost: $75-$250 per front foot


    Newspaper: Plainview Herald
    Radio Stations: 2 AM Stations; 2 FM Stations
    Television Station: Local: 1 (Wayland Baptist University)
    Cable Television: Suddenlink Channels: 73
    Telephone Service: Southwestern Bell; MCI; NTS; AT&T; Suddenlink; Tri-State Communications
    Telegraph Service: Yes
    Post Office: First Class


    Banks -7


    Type of Government: Council/Manager
    Number of Councilmen: 8 including Mayor
    Police Dept. Personnel: (full time) 34
    Fire Dept. Personnel: (full time) 36
    Equipment: Fire - 16 pieces of motor equipment
    Police 35

  • ISO Rating: 3 
    Service Provided Industry Beyond Corporate Limits or By County:

    City & County

    Other Law Enforcement in Area:
    Hale County
    Sheriff's Department
    Department of Public Safety


    City of Plainview website - 

  • Medical

    Hospitals: 1 with 68 beds
    Clinics: 5 with -0- beds

    Physicians: 24
    Dentists: 11  


    Orthodontists: 2

    Assisted Living: 4 with 245 beds
    Retirement Center: 2 with 72 rooms
    Local Hospital: Covenant Hospital Plainview
    Trained Paramedics with ground & air transportation
    8 MH/MR Facilities -  clients served - 2,000

    Utilities and Services

    Source: Surface (Lake Meredith); Underground Wells
    Maximum Daily Capacity.........15,000,000 GPD
    Peak Load.........10,600,000 GPD
    Storage Capacity:.........Total - 7,500,000 GPD
    Ground - 5,640,000 GPD
    Water Cost - Commercial: approx. $216.00 per 100,000 gallons

    Storm Sewer: 10% coverage
    Sanitary Sewer: 95% coverage
    Treatment Plant: Activated Sludge
    Capacity: 3.3 MGD
    Present Load: 57%
    Solid Waste Disposal: Landfill

    Sewage Cost: 
    Domestic: approx. $27.00 for 10,000 gallons
    Commercial: approx. $171.00 for 100,000 gallons
    Industrial: to be determined depending on strength and quantity

    Other Fuels:
    Coal Source: TUCO, Inc. - Amarillo
    LP Gas Distributors: 5 each

    Agriculture; Hale County 

    6th in Cotton production in Texas
    7th in Cotton Production in USA
    Cotton generated: $4 billion in South Plains


    Major Products Grown and Estimated Volume Produced in area:

    Grain Sorghum......1,508,830 bushels
    Wheat...............1,316,536,600 bushels
    Corn/Veg...............11040,572 bushels
    Cotton...............320,572 bales  


  • Estimated # of Livestock Units Raised/Fed/Harvested in area:

    Cattle (for) milking..........7,500

    Food Grown and Processing in the Area:
    Onions, Carrots, Watermelons,
    Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Potatoes, Nuts

    1 Tortilla Factory

    1 Corn Milling-Mesa 

    1 Popcorn Plant

    1 Nut Producer


    Labor Analysis

    2016 Hale County Employment 

    Labor Force - 12,227
    Employment -11,669
    Unemployed - 611 
    Unempl. Rate - 5.3


    Hwy Serving Area - FM Hwy 400; U.S. Hwy 70; TX Hwy 194
    Divided 4-lane Highway Serving City - Interstate 27

    Burlington Northern - Santa Fe
    Piggyback Service...........Amarillo
    Frequency of Switching Service...........Daily
    Number of Trains Daily..........8

    Motor Freight Carriers
    Intrastate.....Beaver Express, UPS, Federal Express Ground, Yellow, SAIA
    Interstate.....Beaver Express, UPS, Federal Express Ground

    Local Commercial Air Service - Hale County Airport
    Other Commercial Air Service Within Commuting Distance
    City: Lubbock, Texas; Miles: 40 miles Carriers:
    American Eagle, Continental Express , Southwest
    Nearest Local Airport-Runway Length...........Plainview, 6,000' & 4,000'
    Paved? YES Lights? YES Instruments? YES
    Charter or Private Facilities at Airport-Yes, Jet fuel available

    Bus Service - T.N.M.&O
    Intracity Service........YES

    Economic Development

    Plainview\Hale County Economic Development Corp.

    The Plainview\Hale CountyEDC has been responsible for the creation of over 5000 jobs in Hale County. Adding to that number are our newest companies who have selected Plainview and Hale County as their location:

    Andalucia Nut Company
    Golden Spread/Antelope Station 

  • Buildings: Available Inventory list on Request

    Incentives: Incentives granted based on the Investment & number of jobs created.

    For Information Contact:
    Plainview\Hale County EDC
    1906 West 5th Street 
    Plainview, Texas 79072
    Phone: 806-806.293.8536 Fax: 806-806.293.9554
    E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

    Taxes -2016 Rates

    City: 0.6288
    County: 0.50760
    School: 1.17000

  • FM: 0.0003

    2.14392 ( $2.17 per $100 evaluation)

    State Income Tax - None 
    Retail Sales Tax - .0825